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Construction Workers

Eerik Haamer Construction Workers 1942 oil, plywood 78.5 × 63 cm

Eerik Haamer became known in the 1940’s with works just like this one: dark colouring, epic action, serious-minded people, often in some way becoming one with nature or the land. The depiction of the theme of work and of working people was also frequent. The paintings Eel FishermenEel Basket Emptiers and Logging in Winter, for instance, are known from the same year of 1942. Back then, Haamer often painted Ruhnu Island, yet in the summer of 1942, he went to sea with eel fishermen from Muhu Island fishing off the shores of Saaremaa. It is known that Haamer rarely used models in his painting. He often painted on plywood back then.