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19 February – 08 October 2022 Beauty of Colours. Golden Age of Estonian Art from the Enn Kunila Collection
Olev Subbi 90. Works from the Collection of Enn Kunila
13.07.–18.08.2018 Music and Theatre in Estonian Painting
19.05.–12.08.2018 The Birth of a Tradition. Art from Estonia’s Golden Age from Enn Kunila’s Collection
19.02.–24.03.2018 Olev Subbi’s Nudes and Lurich
15.02.–01.05.2018 Joy in the Heart of the City. Paintings from Enn Kunila’s Collection
01.07.–01.08.2017 Northern Summer. Nude Paintings by Olev Subbi
11.06.–30.07.2017 Wanderings of Estonian Artists. A Selection of Paintings from Enn Kunila’s Collection
04.03.–21.05.2017 Visioni dal nord. Pittura estone dalla collezione Enn Kunila, 1910-1940
02.07.–02.08.2015 Symphony of Colours. Classical Estonian Painting from Enn Kunila’s Collection
11.03.–05.04.2015 Human Form and Space in the Work of Olev Subbi
7.03.–15.03.2015 Abstract Art by Olev Subbi
30.01.–12.02.2015 I colori del nord. L’arte estone tra il 1910 ed il 1945 dalla collezione di Enn Kunila
20.03.–07.09.2014 Colours of the Golden Age. Classical Estonian Painting from Enn Kunila’s Collection
23.09.–26.09.2013 Nordic Colours. Estonian Art 1910–1945 From Enn Kunila’s Collection
12.09.–31.10.2013 Four Links of One Chain 2. Roode, Subbi, Põldroos, Pääsuke
26.06.–08.09.2013 Four Links of One Chain. Laikmaa, Mägi, Vabbe, Kits
19.11.2010–04.02.2011 A Selection of Graphic Prints and Drawings From Enn Kunila’s Collection
16.10.–24.11.2010 Viron Värit. 150 vuotta virolaista maalaustaidetta Enn Kunilan kokoelmasta
30.04.–26.06.2010 The Sea, the Shore and Saaremaa in Enn Kunila’s Collection
08.03.–28.03.2010 A Selection of Classics of Modern Art from Enn Kunila’s Collection
24.02.–01.04.2010 From Köler to Subbi. 150 Years of Estonian Classical Painting From Enn Kunila’s Collection
21.02.–30.04.2008 A Couple of Steps along the Travelling Road. A Selection of Works from Enn Kunila’s Collection
06.11.–27.11.2007 Yearning and Arrival. Haus Gallery
15.09.–25.10.2007 Yearning and Arrival. Long House, Hiiumaa Museum
20.03.–15.04.2007 Olev Subbi’s Paintings. Works from the Collections of Enn Kunila and Marju Täht
07.03.–21.03.2004 Sunday. Olev Subbi’s Paintings