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07.03.–21.03.2004 Sunday. Olev Subbi’s Paintings

The first exhibition of Enn Kunila’s art collection was held in Lohusalu on 7–21 March 2004, and its title was Sunday. Nine paintings by Olev Subbi from Enn Kunila’s collection were on display at the exhibition. Enn Kunila wrote in the catalogue that accompanied the exhibition:
The reason for putting together this art catalogue is the wish to share with you all that is extraordinarily beautiful and pleasant in what Olev Subbi’s art and our friendship, which has lasted for years, has given me.

Our exceedingly enriching relationship had plenty of room for paintings and the art of life in heaps. Olev Subbi’s youthful curiosity regarding many fields of life is engagingly contagious. We share in common interest in travelling, the world of wine, tennis, music or something else.
Olev Subbi has also had a key role in advising, developing and designing my art collection. I am happy that the maestro’s own works also have a special place in the collection, and that is what this catalogue attempts to convey. At the same time, the fact that the master’s best works as well as a painting from his student days are represented is a source of satisfaction for me.
My friendship with Olev Subbi has been like life’s Sunday for me – bright and rich in colour – like the painting of the same name that belongs to the collection.

The author of the catalogue’s text was Jüri Hain, the designer was Tiit Jürna.
Enn Kunila designed the exhibition.