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16.10.–24.11.2010 Viron Värit. 150 vuotta virolaista maalaustaidetta Enn Kunilan kokoelmasta

The exhibition Viron Värit. 150 vuotta virolaista maalaustaidetta Enn Kunilan kokoelmasta (Estonian Colours. 150 Years of Estonian Paintings from Enn Kunila’s Collection) was held at Helsinki’s Taidehalli on 16 October – 24 November 2010.

This was the first exhibition of Enn Kunila’s collection outside of Estonia. 111 paintings from the years 1859–2009 were on display at the exhibition. Estonian artists starting with Johann Köler through to Laurentsius were represented.

Maija Koskinen, the director of Helsinki’s Taidehalli, made the proposal to organise the exhibition, arising from the great interest that Finns took in the exhibition From Köler to Subbi that had been held at the Tallinn Art Hall in the spring of that same year. The last preceding survey exhibition of Estonian art in Finland took place over 80 years ago: the exhibition held in 1929 included over 200 works of contemporary Estonian art from that time, primarily in painting, graphic prints and sculpture.
The ministers of foreign affairs of Estonia and Finland, Urmas Paet and Alexander Stubb, opened the exhibition Viron värit, and the President of Finland, Mrs. Tarja Halonen, also attended the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition’s curator was the art scholar and director of the Tallinn Art Hall Harry Liivrand, and its designer was the painter Olev Subbi. The exhibition was accompanied by an art album, the editor of which was the art scholar Eero Epner, who was also the author of its texts, and its designer was Tiit Jürna.