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Windless Landscape

Olev Subbi Windless Landscape 1997 acrylic, oil, masonite 51 × 37 cm

Windless Landscape stands out primarily for its novel composition. Until this painting, Subbi always painted nudes with their faces, or at least heads, visible, even if the psychology of the model was of no interest to him. In this painting, the artist brought the model so close to the viewer that her face is almost completely hidden. As a result of this, the background has lost some of its importance: we can make out a bluish landscape but do not actually recognise any of the details.

The nude has been painted in bluish hues, meaning that Subbi’s erstwhile golden colour palette had become colder. The choice of colours exudes a certain sadness. Even though the nude is full of life and is the focus of the painting, we know that Subbi painted the woman depicted in it, who had served as his model for decades, posthumously. It is possible that this is the reason why we can no longer see her face: it is lost in the fog of memories.