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Farm View in Winter

Aarne Miikmaa Farm View in Winter Latter half of the 1930s pastel, paper 23.2 × 31 cm

Aarne Miikmaa was Ants Laikmaa’s student and that is clearly apparent in this painting as well. Already the selection of its motif is very Laikmaa-like – archaic Estonian landscape marks (combined farm dwelling-grain drying barns, stone fences, fir trees) in early spring. The use of the pastel technique and relatively generalising forms are also Laikmaa-like, as is the colouring, where the colours of the Estonian national tricolour, blue, black, and white, set the tone. The aim is to create and amplify a home-like feeling, attempting to show a familiar motif and somewhat melancholy weather conditions as being charming.