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Snowy Southern Estonian Landscape

Johannes Võerahansu Snowy Southern Estonian Landscape 1944 oil, plywood 62 × 75.5 cm

Johannes Võerahansu had no personal ties with Southern Estonia – unlike Konrad Mägi, for instance, who was from that part of the country. Võerahansu was born and raised in the flat country of Raplamaa and thus his view of Southern Estonia was also not as personal and intimate as it was for some other artists. It was more panoramic instead. Võerahansu surveys Southern Estonia’s picturesque landscape with the eyes of a curious onlooker. The season should be noted separately. Even though four seasons are characteristic of this area’s climatic zone, artists have always preferred spring or summer in depicting landscapes. Snow (Võerahansu has separately stressed the relative importance of “snow” in the title) covers up many nuances of colour while generalising and equalising everything. For Võerahansu, who did not even want to delve into details, snow was in harmony with his overall aspirations.