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Karksi Motif

Ado Vabbe Karksi Motif 1944 oil, paper (pasted onto cardboard) 44.5 × 52.5 cm

Vabbe painted a great deal during the Second World War, even though his studio had burned down and his living and working conditions were exceedingly difficult. Vabbe had to move around quite a lot throughout Estonia together with his little son, and in the course of these forced travels, they apparently had to spend time in Karksi, Viljandi County as well. This painting with a most interesting brushing style depicts a deserted landscape with scant vegetation. Vertical brushstrokes leave the impression at first glance of rain showers, yet bright colours and the blue sky contradict that assumption. For this reason, the brushstrokes may instead be the way that Vabbe has provided the painting with rhythm. Yet as is the case with many of Vabbe’s works – its focus is on the way it is possible with the help of colours to convey moods and to create atmosphere.