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Isolated Coastal Pine Tree

Roman Nyman Isolated Coastal Pine Tree 1920 Oil on plywood 39.5 × 48.5 cm

Of Roman Nyman’s body of creative work from the 1920’s, primarily his works completed in Southern Europe are known. The largely different, soft southern light captivated him there. Strangely enough, we can also see similar light in this work that is undoubtedly based on Estonian subject matter. Nyman readily depicted coastal pine trees and coastal natural settings throughout his creative work. Many other Estonian painters have also actively painted pine trees. For instance, Toomas Vint has several works where pine trees form the background. In addition to the picturesque contrast of the pine tree’s trunk and needles, the pine tree’s reaction to changes in lighting has also apparently charmed artists. As the angle of light changes, the orange of the pine tree’s trunk also changes, and this has probably also charmed Nyman in the case of this work as well.