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Blazing Forest

Jaan Grünberg Blazing Forest 1961 oil, paper 29 × 40.5 cm

Jaan Grünberg moved to Sweden during the Second World War and lived there for the rest of his life. Much like other expatriate Estonian artists, Grünberg never integrated into local Swedish artistic life, always remaining something of an outsider who had nothing to do with actual changes and shifts. Grünberg did not change much over time in terms of his creative work as well, focusing on nature scenes. Admittedly, their vigour and expressiveness increased over time. His former gentle sense of colour was replaced by much harsher moods and visional atmosphere. Blazing Forest also bears these same key words. Here as well, the artist focuses on the power of colour in place of precision in drawing – on what sort of intense emotion certain tones and the depiction of a seemingly abandoned forest are capable of generating.