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Beautiful Evening

Olev Subbi Beautiful Evening 1987 tempera, oil, masonite 160 × 210 cm

Beautiful Evening is characteristic of Subbi's work in combining different spaces and times. There are three types of spaces: the natural environment at the back, a nude figure at the front and an abstract space in between. This spatial division can also be interpreted from a temporal perspective. The fragment of nature in the distance seems to belong to the past, possibly because of having been placed far away from us or possibly because in Subbi’s works nature often alludes to childhood experiences. The figure is from the present. With the human body, the artist tried to capture the ideal moment in which the passage of time had not yet caused the degradation of the physique, or he brought human discord to absolute harmony. Nude bodies were for the artist momentary embodiments of perfection at a particular moment in time. The space filled with abstract colours is timeless. It has no chronological dimension and it cannot be navigated on a temporal axis. The triple division is surrounded by a wide light circle, which can be seen as cosmological time or as a chronological axis that encompasses the past, the present and timelessness, or the present evening.