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Autumn Motif

Adamson-Eric Autumn Motif 1960 Oil on canvas 38 × 45 cm

Adamson-Eric was 58 years old in 1960. He had survived a serious heart attack and paralysis of the right side of his body a few years before then. Seven years before then he had also worked as an unskilled worker at an integrated plant manufacturing footwear since the Soviet public authorities had denounced him as a formalist and he found himself out of favour. Nevertheless, Adamson-Eric had survived those ordeals. He had learned to paint with his left hand and after the political situation changed, he was appointed as a professor to the art university. At the same time, Adamson-Eric was no longer active in painting at all at the end of the 1950’s and

the beginning of the 1960’s. Mainly, his work in applied arts is known, yet rather few paintings. Paintings of flowers and small format landscapes that primarily depict motifs from Laulasmaa are what he mainly completed during that period. This particular work was also completed in Laulasmaa near Tallinn, where he spent his summers recuperating after the heart attack that he had suffered. Adamson-Eric’s quiet and effortless self-expression can be seen in this painting in a small, unobtrusive format, which along with his other works from the 1960’s did not attract the attention of the public.