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Johannes Võerahansu (1902–1980)

The beginning of Johannes Võerahansu’s creative career was in the latter half of the 1930’s. Even though he began his studies in art at Ants Laikmaa’s studio in 1919 already, he had to concentrate on other matters in the meantime for some ten years, for instance helping his father with the work at the mill. Finishing school was thus postponed until 1936, 17 years later!

At the turn of the decade, Võerahansu lived in Tartu and actively participated in exhibitions. Regardless of his late start, there are numerous works completed in the early 1930’s in his artistic legacy. For this reason, he was an established artist by the beginning of the 1940’s. Võerahansu is known during that period first and foremost for his Saaremaa cycle, where he went among other things as a drawer as part of an Estonian National Museum expedition, yet where he also began painting.