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Olev Subbi’s Nudes and Lurich. Exhibition at Kärdla Cultural Centre

The exhibition Olev Subbi’s Nudes and Lurich from Enn Kunila’s Collection was opened at Kärdla Cultural Centre on 17 March.


Seven nudes by Olev Subbi and Amandus Adamson’s sculpture Tšempion (Champion), completed in 1903, are on display at the exhibition.


Eero Epner, the curator of the exhibition, writes in his text introducing the exhibition:

For Olev Subbi (1930-2013), nudes provided the chance to speak of a harmonious world, to talk about beauty and loveliness, which were the paramount values for him, and for the illustration or depiction of which he considered the naked female body to practically be the most suitable. Subbi sought harmony all his life, finding it mostly in nature, memories, nudes or – colours.

In the case of Amandus Adamson’s (1855-1929) sculpture Tšempion (Champion), the artist’s wish to depict harmony through the naked human body can also be seen. Yet unlike languid female nudes, here particular emphasis is placed on depicting human effort: Lurich’s entire body is filled with aspiration towards something more than the ordinary human body is capable of.


The designer of the exhibition is the artist Ott Lambing. The curator is the art historian Eero Epner and the designer of the exhibition’s graphic materials is the designer Tiit Jürna.


The exhibition will be open until 24 March 2018.