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A total of 15 000 people visited the exhibition Symphony of Colours

The exhibition Symphony of Colours held at Kuressaare Castle from 2 July to 2 August 2015 attracted 15 000 visitors.

In addition to thousands of Estonians, neighbours from Finland and Latvia also visited the exhibition, along with numerous visitors from Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Belgium, England and Georgia. The visitors who had come the longest way to see Saaremaa came from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA.

This exhibition was held as part of the Saaremaa Opera Festival in cooperation with Eesti Kontsert.


Several splendid public events took place at the exhibition joining together figurative art with music:

An event allowing the public to meet with artists from the Teatro di Milano;

Baritone Aare Saal performed together with Henn Rebane on accordion;

Ain Anger shared his thoughts on the art of opera.

Curator of the exhibition Eero Epner’s excursions and lectures on the topics “Eerik Haamer’s Saaremaa Roots” and “Konrad Mägi – the Top Artist in the Art of Estonian Painting”;


Very many thanks to Arne Mikk, the artistic director of the Saaremaa Opera Festival, who proposed the idea for this exhibition, and to the entire Eesti Kontsert team for its pleasant and fruitful cooperation.

Very special thanks and acknowledgement to the efficient and obliging staff at the Saaremaa Museum.

The exhibition’s curator Eero Epner and its designer Tiit Jürna did excellent work in preparing the exhibition.

Our very warm expression of gratitude also goes out to the Kuressaare Municipal Government, thanks to which the organisers succeeded in making the exhibition very visible in Kuressaare’s public space.

We would also like to thank Inspired Universal McCann Media Agency.


The many positive entries in the exhibition’s guest book are a sign of the exhibition’s success.

Once again, the thought expressed by artist Olev Subbi, that classic works of Estonian painting have over the years cultivated a large audience for themselves, was emphatically confirmed.