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30.11.2016 ERR video: “Pealtnägija”: Seeking for Konrad Mägi’s lost artworks


Konrad Mägi (1878-1925) is Estonia’s most famous and acclaimed classic painter, who painted 400 paintings over the course of his lifetime, but the locations of only about two hundred paintings are currently known. Even if we assume that half of the missing paintings were destroyed in wars and cataclysms, around a hundred paintings by Konrad Mägi remain somewhere unaccounted for.

Pealtnägija issues a joint appeal together with the organisers of the major exhibition of Konrad Mägi’s works that will open in Rome in October of 2017: if a painting by Mägi is in your possession or if you know the location of a painting by Mägi that has thus far been concealed from the public, you are kindly asked to contact Enn Kunila: