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Yearning for Beauty. 25 Years of Enn Kunila’s Art Collection

Published 2021
Language English
Pages 424
Compiler Eero Epner
Designer Tiit Jürna
Layout Kätlin Tischler
English translation Peeter Tammisto
Reproductions Stanislav Stepaško

This is a large book where Eero Epner, the author of the book, provides an overview of the history of how an art collection evolved, and of its mission and activity in introducing classical Estonian paintings both in Estonia and abroad.

Works by outstanding Estonian painters who were active in the first half of the 20th century form the nucleus of Enn Kunila’s collection. Works by Konrad Mägi, Ants Laikmaa, Nikolai Triik, Ado Vabbe, Roman Nyman, Villem Ormisson, Richard Uutmaa and many other artists are represented.

Over the years, 25 exhibitions based on the collection have been held in Estonia, Finland, Belgium and also Italy. Numerous art catalogues and books have been published.

The book Yearning for Beauty contains abundant large reproductions of works by artists from Estonia’s golden age as well as of paintings by the painter Olev Subbi, Enn Kunila’s good friend and advisor in matters related to art. The work also includes a comprehensive overview of exhibitions that have been held and books that have been published. People with a long-term connection to the collection share their thoughts and memories in the book.