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Valdemar Väli (1909—2007)

Valdemar Väli completed his studies at the Pallas school in 1943 and according to Mai Levin, who has written a thorough treatment of this artist, Väli’s early works completed until 1946 can be considered his first and at the same time one of his strongest creative periods. Nudes had a definite place in Väli’s creative work but it was nevertheless not too big either. Väli is nevertheless still known first and foremost as a painter of portraits, landscapes and genre paintings, but he still painted nudes as well, for instance in the 1970’s.

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Valdemar Väli

Nude with Bandaged Hand



100.0 x 73.0 cm

Kaarel Liimand was Väli’s supervisor in painting nudes at the Pallas school. Liimand’s influences from French art are noticeable in this work as well. Mai Levin writes in the monograph about this artist: "One of the most surprising works of this period in Väli’s creative work is "Nude with Bandaged Hand" – this artist’s best nude painting, which is also one of the best in Estonian art in its genre. The bandaged hand and the well thought out pose make it exceptional, accentuating the model’s youthful freshness and natural, somewhat awkward condition. The colouring in bluish green and purplish grey tones creates the impression of a slight feeling of coldness. Crisp sensuality emanates from the picture. It is beautiful without sweetness."